First Baptist Church DeRidder
Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Discover Life!
Wednesday Night Family Fellowship Menu
          Reservations must be received by 4 pm on the Monday prior by calling the Church Office OR signing up on Wednesday nights OR Sundays at the Welcome Center.
 Adults $4.50
   Children $3.25 (ages 7 - 12) (½ meal or hot dog)
   Age 6 & under - FREE!
   Take-Out meals - additional $0.50 each
   We can no longer offer the salad only option OR
 a family maximum OR any free meals.
We must pay the caterer for each meal ordered, so if you do not honor 3 of your meal reservations, your reservation privilege will be temporarily suspended.
Serving begins at 4:45 each Wednesday. Reservations will be honored until 5:20, then those without reservations will be allowed to purchase remaining meals.
July 2
 Chicken Spaghetti
Garden Salad
July 9 
No Supper or Activities